About Get Fit with Davina

“Get Fit with Davina” is a complete health, fitness and weight-loss programme designed just for you.

It features personalised daily workout videos and a complete nutrition plan designed to help you get fit, lose weight and keep it off.

Not only are the programmes totally personal to you, but they also keep track of how you’re doing and adapt to help you stay on track.

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“I'll be on hand to offer support and encouragement on your journey to health and feeling and looking great. I hope you get loads out of it. Good Luck.”

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Your Personal Fitness Centre

All your activity is controlled from your Fitness Dashboard. This really is your home and it has been designed to be super simple.

It provides you with all the information you need to stay across your personal programme each day.

At the end of each week, you will be asked to weigh-in and you will be given a progress report to keep you on track.

Personalised Workouts

Workouts are designed to suit you, your body and your fitness. They adapt as you go through the programme, according to how you are progressing to always ensure you are pushing yourself at just the right level.

The exercise programme uses the latest 7 minute training techniques. Short burst, high energy routines that have been designed to get you the maximum results in the shortest time possible.

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About Fitness Expert Ed Lumsden

Ed Lumsden is the Head Trainer at TWPT training gym in Tunbridge Wells. His philosophy is to create the most effective session possible for any person of any ability with any aim, rather than plugging away at the same old exercises that don’t seem to get results. High intensity, varied, targeted workouts with perfect technique is what Ed is all about.

Nutrition Planner

The nutrition programme on “Get Fit with Davina” follows my philosophy of eating well and cutting out the bad stuff like processed foods and sugar, it’s called Calorie Plus.

Calorie Plus is about the right calories for health and well-being, not just any calories. It’s about the simple rules of eating a balanced nutritious diet.

There are fantastic recipes and ways you can enjoy lovely food, great puds and still lose weight!

Calorie Plus

Our unique Calorie Plus System goes beyond calories – taking into account the nutritional quality of your food.

Eat in Balance

The Calorie Plus System allows you to eat a full and rich diet and still lose weight. It’s about grouping foods in proportion.

Easy, Delicious

The Calorie Plus System weans you off processed foods and sugars. Make your own meals or follow the easy to prepare recipes.

Keeping Track

The Calorie Plus system allows you to monitor your food intake wherever you are via your computer, mobile or tablet.

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About Nutritional Guru Max Tomlinson

Max is an Australian trained naturopath, nutritionist, functional medicine specialist, medical herbalist and has run very successful clinics in Sydney, Australia and London, and pioneered the resurgence of the detox concept. Max was voted one of the top 10 alternative practitioners in the UK by The Guardian Newspaper.