How it works

Get Fit with Davina is a holistic health, fitness and weight-loss programme designed just for you: personalised daily workout videos, constant online support and a complete nutrition plan designed to help you get fit, lose weight and keep it off - forever. Keep track, stay on track, eat healthily and Get Fit with Davina - today!


You will be given a recommended number of workouts per day - typically three, and two rest days per week. Of course you can do more or less! Each workout is a seven minute video with Davina that will work a specific area of your body or will be cardio intensive. And if you have a Davina’s DVD you can do that as well.

I’m super busy so this is ideal for me – I can do it in the comfort of my own home, when I have a chance. I get a workout done in 7 minutes - It’s quick and effective!

Meal tracking

Your day consists of three delicious meals and two healthy snacks - logged on your food tracker. Have one of our wonderful recipes or an item from the Out and About food finder, or make your own meal by choosing from the ingredients list. Read more here.

I simply love the recipes - so easy to make and taste absolutely delicious. I’m never short on snacking ideas, and if I have a cheeky glass of wine - that’s still ok!


Our social forum is buzzing with tips, advice, inspiration, and success stories. Join us - your weight loss journey is always better off shared.

Social forum

Whenever I feel like I need a bit of support, help or advice – I click on the forum, and get support from people just like me - a shoulder to lean on, a clever tip or words of encouragement. It’s brilliant!

A new you

Daily workout videos – totally personalised to you, your body and experience.

Your own personalised nutrition plan: Great recipes and food you can eat out and about

Be part of our fantastic online community. Share your journey and get support towards your goal.

Get Fit with Davina is a complete weight loss and fitness programme for the NEW YOU!